Matsutani Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is Japan 's leading producer of food starch specialities and maltodextrins, established in 1919. Matsutani has production plants and headquarter near Osaka, Japan. Matsutani is known as a creator of food products, not only as starch manufacturer. Nowadays, starch technology is indispensable for food industry. Matsutani’s food starch specialties, maltodextrin and functional ingredients have helped create a lot of innovative food and beverage products under collaboration with food manufacturers.
Matsutani acts as a leader of starch industry with market share of more than 60% in Japan. And our sales grow even further. The newly opened research and development facility is where Matsutani’s new and innovative product begins. This new facility enables us to offer customer unique ideas, solution to problems in conjunction with scientific and food technologists.
Matsutani’s world’s first soluble dietry fibre made from starch ‘Fibersol-2’ provides excellent nutritional and functional properties for foods, beverage and nutraceutical applications. Excellent solubility and high stabilities broaden possible application. Matsutani products offer you a way of ‘value adding’ to your food products.
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