"Food" is an important factor for living. The food preferences for every human being are also different based on cultural differences, race and origin. All these factors are compounded and thus comes the creation and development of  various choices of food. 

Meanwhile "Taste" is the most significant factor which creates interest. And this is the very reason for Thai Foods International Company Limited (TFI) to intervene in the development and creations of food enhancers.

TFI which comes under the flagship of JT Group is one of the world class producers for flavor enhancers.


Supported by Japan Tobacco Inc. which has a long history in yeast cultivation and Katokichi Food Division in the seasoning research and development technology, TFI had continuosly expanded it's horizon in responding to today's consumers need and demand.


Today, TFI's greatest aspiration is to present the natural yeast extracts of UMAMI taste to the world.


Product range :

  • Yeast Extracts (High IG, Umami Paste & Powder)
  • Soup powders
  • Fish sauce
  • Baker's Yeast
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